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New for 2008 I have acquired a trio of double laced Barnevelder Bantams. These birds are absolutely stunning when the sun shines on their feathers, and I will be adding pictures shortly. They are very good layers of cream/white coloured eggs (unlike the large fowl barnevelders they do not lay a brown egg). I first saw these birds approximaely 12 months ago, when the sun was shining on their backs and my first impression was "wow" - they have been playing on my mind ever since as a bird that I would love to keep, but there appear to be very few breeders of Barnevelder Bantams so it taken 12 months to be able to find good quality birds from a reputable breeder

Barnevelders are a docile breed which were imported from Barneveld in the Netherlands in 1921.


Lemon Cuckoo Pekin chick

Pekins are absolutely adorable. Their docile temperament makes them very easy to tame and therefore they can make excellent pets for children.

Due to their small size take up little room, cause little damage to the garden and earn their keep by clearing the garden of slugs!

Pekins lay small white or cream eggs. They can become broody easily and make excellent mothers

Pekins originate from China, they arrived in Britain approximately the middle of the last century

Pair of Lavender Pekins

I currently keep Pekins in the following colours:-

Lavender Cuckoo Pekin Lemon Cuckoo Trio Lavender Frizzle Pekin Cockerel Black Mottled Pekin hen


Polands were a new addition to my extended family in 2005 and are all from the Bebee's blood lines. I love the "bad hair day" look of the frizzles and find them a lovely natured, stunning breed which are very easy tame.

Pair of Chamois Polands

Polands date back in history for such long time it is difficult to trace their true origin. They are good layers of white eggs.

Care needs to be taken to prevent the Poland's crest from becoming wet and dirty and it is adviseable to treat their crests regularly for mites.

I currently keep Polands in the following colours:-

Chamois Frizzle Poland Cockerel Frizzle Gold Laced Poland Cockerel! The Gold Laced Girls! Chamois Poland Pullet


Sabelpoots are a new and unexpected addition to my extended family. As can be seen from my pictures they are an absolutely stunning breed. Although initially nervous, they have become tame very quickly and are very happy to perch on a shoulder or an arm.

Sabelpoots are an ancient breed which originate from the Netherlands. They are are classed as a true bantam (there is no large breed of Sabelpoot), and are a rare breed. Sabelpoots lay a creamy white egg. They are friendly little birds and good fliers.

I currently keep sabelpoots in Lemon (Citrus Millefleur), Gold Millefleur and Porcelaine

My Porcelaine Cockerel is bred from top exhibition championship bloodlines, (he came 1st in his one and only show in the True Bantam Class), and I have shown one of my Gold Millefleur hens at a different show where she came 1st in the "True Bantam" class

Enjoying the sun! Citrus Millefleur trio clearing the strawberry patch! Porcelaine Sabelpoot Cockerel - 2007 Show Trio of Gold Millefleur Sabelpoots Trio of Porcelaine Sablepoots Citrus Sabelpoots Porcelaine Cockerel

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